Welcome to the Support Area for the Center for Source Healing

This is a hidden page only for practitioners associated with the Center for Source Healing.

New to the center?

If you are renting space directly from Gitanjali at the Center for Source Healing,
and you would like to be listed on the Practitioner Page, please send the following information to Therese.

1) a photo of yourself (headshot please)
2) your name (as you want it to appear)
3) the title you want displayed under your name
4) a brief description of your qualifications and what you offer (see samples)
5) the contact information you want displayed on the page (phone, email, website)

Event Calendar

If you would like your event listed on the Center for Source Healing events page,
please send the following information to info@centerforsourcehealing.com
Once you submit your information, you can expect your event to be listed within 48 hours.

1) Your name, phone number, and email address
2) the name of your event
3) event day(s), date(s), start time, end time
4) a brief description of the event
5) cost of the event
6) discounts? packages?
7) location (which room?)
8) an image for the calendar
9) your website, for more informaton (optional, but recommended)
12) how and where to register or sign-up?
10) do people need reservations, or is drop-in ok?
11) pay at registration or at the event?